An Effect of Employee Support on Critical Employee Response and Customer Service Evaluation for Deluxe Hotel

Abstract– This paper examines several sources of support for employees in service encounters at hotel. These sources of support, including organization support, supervisory support, and hotel customer’s participation, are proposed to affect the attitudes and behavior of employees in hotel, and consequently affect customer’s perceptions of employees’ service quality. This study which combines perceptions from customers and their contact employees, shows that three sources of support for employees contribute significantly to job satisfaction and employee service quality, while perceived organizational support and customer participation affect service effort. Also, the empirical results indicate that both employee service effort and job satisfaction play strong, central roles in determining customer perceptions of employee service quality. They were found to be effective mediators linking employees’ cognitive appraisal of support to service quality. An executive summary for hotels’managers and executive readers can be found at the end of this article. much a hotel service research has emphasized the importance of customer-employees as bound. however, little attention has been given to the importance of the multiple support that service employees receive from other concerned parties, even though they can affect the responses of service employees and ultimately influence customers’ perception of the employee service performance.