Propose your Special Issue

To enrich our vision of making the scientific information available at an ease of access, Scholargen Publishers initiated special issue for the open access journals. All the articles published under a special issue focuses on a single topic providing the complete information about the ongoing research providing more insight on an emphasized topic of research enabling the readers’ access wide forecasted information on a particular topic Issue.

Special Issue Proposals

Special Issue deals with focused research topics of high interest, falling under the scope of the Journal. Special Issues are the pool of articles under a current topic selected from the Ongoing Research under specific discipline. The aim of the Special Issue is to provide a platform for the researchers to understand the recent advancements and challenges in particular areas of research. These articles will provide an opportunity to the readers to understand and access the scientific information.

We encourage potential scientists to organize the Special Issue in their field of interests that fits within the Journal scope. This will provide an opportunity to increase the visibility of the Guest Editors. The Special Issue Titles may be from any basic and clinical area of Science, Technology and Medicine.

A proposal should include:

• Journal Title
• Short CV with research interests
• Special issue topic and the Proposed Title
• Brief note on the proposed Topic (should explain the aim and overview of the proposed topic)
• A Co-Editor (Optional); If a co-editor name is suggested, kindly provide short CV of the co-editor
• Estimated number of Articles under the title
• List of potential contributors
• Opening date
• Closing date

Special issue articles are published immediately upon their acceptance and are released under upcoming regular issues. Special Issues are invited throughout the year. For more information or any queries about the special issues, please write us to